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Train Smarter.

Train hard. Play hard.

Train with our bounce back popup contact bag

Ultimate Training Gear

Rooted in martial arts, we build training equipment for strength, speed, and stamina. Used by professional martial artists and football players, our gear is trusted by top-tier athletes.

Professional Athletes

Use our gear to train on the field or on the mat. Built to take a beating, our Versatile Contact Bag can be used as a tackling dummy or a punching bag.

Reusable Board Breaking

Our reusable, breakable karate boards are perfect for martial arts at all skill levels. Just stack the boards to increase the force needed to break through. These boards will grow with you!


Our premium indoor training shoes are perfect for martial arts, weightlifting, yoga, and so much more. With a comfortable, breathable design, you'll forget you aren't even barefoot.

Accuracy Training

Train for accuracy and speed with these low cost, reusable martial arts foam training boards. Who says board breaking has to be expensive?


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