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Karate Breaking Boards - Rebreakable

ColorGreen - "Intermediate"

Make board-breaking fun and easy with a stackable progressive system, an easy-to-aim-for target and rubber-tipped connection pegs to reduce board-bite and create fun, safe board-breaking experiences.

Perfect for martial artists at all levels–white belts through black belts. These boards will grow with you!

POWERSTACK MAGLOCK© Stacking Technology

  • 3 color boards = 3 separate resistance levels for intermediate, advanced and pro level students
  • Create custom combinations of resistance by mixing and matching board levels to keep increasing difficulty and creating new challenges
  • Powerful neodymium magnets that are polarized according to board side make it easy to stack boards but difficult to cross-thread them, ensuring safer training simulations
  • Rubber corner surface with thick lip for a non-slip surface to prevent movement when stacked

Designed with Martial Artists in Mind

  • Rubber-tipped locking pegs are rounded and designed to minimize board-bite
  • Clear, easy-to-see rubber target for maximum shock absorption helps users stay focused to become precise and accurate in their strikes
  • Ergonomic design with rubber pads on back for ultimate comfort for board-holders
  • Quick-snap locking design for easy and painless board reassembly

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Karate Breaking Boards - Rebreakable